ax3000 sml

The Online Shop

  • Phone Number is 0800 or 0843 So you don't know where they are based

  • Unable to pay via Card as they only except Bank Transfers

  • Employees and owners home addresses on the website are shown as branch offices

  • Checking Postcodes and Addresses online reveal one man businesses working from home

  • It is hard to find an address on their website - you can only email them

  • Confusing the numbers of years in business by adding up all the directors years of employment in the industry

  • Showing pictures of large buildings in which they have a serviced office

  • Showing  praises from imaginary happy customers

  • Using stock photographs across the website to imply they are a substantial operation

  • Forgetting to tell you that you need a licence to use the software after first 3 months

  • Having to pay for software support from day one

  • Cloud Software so when you query their charges your software stops working

  • Unknown rebadged cheap touch screen terminals with no chance of repair if it fails

  • Cheap rebadged printers

Why are people with poor business practices called Cowboys - as in ‘ Cowboy Builders ’.  A quick Google provided the answer. In the Tombstone area of the USA in the 1880s, the term " Cowboy " or " Cow-Boy " was used  to describe men who had been implicated in various crimes. One loosely organized band was dubbed "The Cowboys," and profited from smuggling cattle, alcohol, and tobacco across the U.S. / Mexico border. The San Francisco Examiner wrote in an editorial, "Cowboys [are] the most reckless class of outlaws in that wild country....infinitely worse than the ordinary robber". It became an insult to call someone a "cowboy," as it suggested he was a horse thief, robber, or outlaw. Cattlemen were generally called herders or ranchers. The Cowboys' activities ultimately ended with the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

Buying EPOS Systems Online

Many of these operations tend to use similar subterfuges on their websites. Here are some of them -

Online Bargain


We have one of these bargains in the workshop at the moment. Two of the units were bought for a new bar some 18 months ago. The one we have has died and no parts are available. It has no CE approval number on it and no serial number. The supplier is unable to repair it. The business has been told that it needs replacing with a new terminal at £795 and they must also pay for a new software licence because the new machine uses different software. This will not work with his other machine on the bar and the new software will not work on the other terminal so that needs to be replaced as well.

So if you want to spend your hard earned cash on a system that you have only seen a pictures of. Software that you have only viewed on youtube and a salesman that you have only chatted to via email then don't let us stop you.

On the other hand you can phone the number below Monday - Friday and talk to a real person. You can visit our showroom and see the equipment and we can give you a list of customers who are using our equipment. If you must you can also email us. We are not the cheapest but we are still here after 87 years. Which can be more than said for some of these get rich quick online cowboys.

The latest scam is buying your EPOS System online and it never arrives. You had to pay for it but they are having problems with their card machine so they ask you to pay directly to their bank. You have no comeback with the bank. They have your money and you did not get your equipment. They no longer answer your emails as they have marked them as spam. So how do you get your £1000 back. Well unless you want a trip North to try and find them and ask politely or you know someone who takes pleasure in extracting money by breaking body parts all you can do is report it to Trading Standards. The Police are not interested as all they have to say is they were going to send it but the supplier let them down. You could add it to Money Saving Expert web site but by the time you do they will be operating under yet another name.


We could mention names but we really don't want to start paying for Solicitors.